What makes
Agave Partners special?


Effective presence in China with an office in Beijing dedicated to developing strategic relationships with large industrial and private equity groups.

Expertise in technologies at the core of capital-incentive domains such as Data Centers, Mobility, Telecommunications and Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Semiconductors, Automotive and Avionics.

Expert ability to bridge cultural gaps in business thanks to a group of executives having a real life experience at doing high tech business in the US, Asia and Europe.

Unique blend of banking and operational experiences allowing to align strategies and structure transactions beyond the aptitude of traditional investment banks.

Corporate Financing

Agave Partners identifies Chinese industrial groups that are well suited to our clients to take a minority position and establish commercial development in China.

Merger & Acquisitions

Agave Partners finds a Chinese industrial group able to acquire a company whose offering fits the domestic needs.


Agave Partners bring together a Chinese industrial group with a high tech company whose capital incentive business benefit from joining forces with a synergetic partner to establish a solid presence in China.