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Huada Semiconductor Co. Ltd, a China company (“HDSC”) join forces with Agave Partners to launch Agave Partners Funds.

November 27, 2017

HDSC agreed to join Agave Partners Fund I as a corporate investor, to contribute about $10 Million into the fund. The two companies, HDSC and Agave Partners signed an MOU on November 27th, 2017. The detailed terms between Agave and HDSC will be specified in further binding agreement. HDSC will endeavor to have final approval and secure necessary financing to fulfill its contribution to the Project.

Agave and CEC Corporate Ventures are creating a line of cross border multi corporate venture Funds under the brand name Agave Partners Funds. The targeted size is $500 Million to be progressively raised. The first fund, Agave Partners Fund I, has a size of $50 Million.

The purpose of these funds is to invest in the core technologies supporting the most disruptive innovations in transportation, manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence and a variety of other industrial applications. Such technologies ranging from new materials, high performance processing, high performance energy storage, sensors, man-machine interfaces and interactions, high-speed secured connections.

The purpose of the funds is also to foster the global development of these technologies in allying to the Funds a selected group of large industrial corporations having an explicit interest in the selected technologies in their own application domains.

HDSC, one of the top ten IC design companies in China, focuses on IC design and relevant solution development, occupies leading market share in analog circuit, LCD driver, SmartCard and security chips. HDSC focuses on the development of industrial, security of IOT and display products, serves “Made in China 2025” strategy, supports the No.1 project (advanced display) of CEC (China Electronics Corporation).

Agave Partners is a San Francisco based cross-border investment bank (Member of FINRA) specializing in access to China for western world high-tech companies. The key domains of expertise of Agave range from technologies to application domains. Agave also has a good experience at advising companies, structuring transactions, organizing consortiums and navigating the administrative regulations like CFIUS in the US or SAFE in China.


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